San Cristóbal Island, Galápagos 2009

San Cristobal Marina The Chatham Hotel Rosita's Restaurant Reading about Ecuador
High Five! Photographing Sea Lions Crabs on the Rocks Treehouse in El Progreso
Fishing aboard "Annette" Fish On! Alan's Got One Alan's Catch
Striped Marlin Randy's Catch Nice Billfish He's a Jumper!
Trying to Get Loose Beautiful Water, Beatiful Fish Three Fishermen Father & Son
Breakfast in Galapagos Heading out on a Panga Five Fingers and Kicker Rock Boobies on Five Fingers

3 Kinds of Boobies

Barracuda Sweet Dorado! Tasty Dorado!
La Loberia Beach Place of Sea Lions Posing Sea Lions Nap Time on the Rocks
Marine Iguana Posing with an Iguana Scales and Claws Lava Lizard
Sea Lions Everywhere Bench Sharing Three Fishermen and Sea Lion El Junco
Galapaguero de Cerro Colorado Tortoise Parade Battle of the Tortoises Dirty Face
Randy and Tortoise Taking a Dip Mixing It Up With The Natives Yellow Warbler

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Quito 2008

Plaza de la Independencia

Archbishop's Palace Diez de Agosto Monument La Plaza Grande
La Basilica del Voto Nacional Ecuadorian Gargoyles Basilica by night Snack Shack
La Compania de Jesus Inside La Compania Ecuadorian Textiles Utensils for sale
Iglesia de San Francisco San Francisco Church Iglesia de San Francisco Courtyard Plaza de San Francisco
Quito Valley Quito Castle Garcia Moreno Street Theatrum Restaurant
La Mitad del Mundo Mitad Plaza Standing at the Middle of the World View from the Top
Equator Monument Equatorial Shopping El Crater Restaurant Pululahua Crater
Inside El Crater Restaurant Cuy for Lunch! The Ladies Room The Men's Room
Mitad Valley Panecillo Hill The Virgin of Quito The Virgin Dominates

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Where are the Galápagos Islands?
They are located 600 miles off the west coast of the South American country of Ecuador, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.  We flew from the capital city of Quito along the equator to a small island called Baltra.  There we boarded our ship to begin exploring these amazing islands.  

Galápagos Islands 2008

Galapagos Islands Overview Celebrity Xpedition Exploring by Zodiac Island in the Galapagos
Wet Landing Dry Landing Returning to the Ship Foot Baths
Port Talk Cruise Director Xpedition Bridge Zodiac Storage
Galapagos Welcoming Committee Picture Perfect Walking with the Natives Laying on the Beach
Blue-Footed Booby Another Blue-Footed Booby Booby Walking Booby Feet
Booby Nest Foot Warmer Recently Hatched Chick Slightly Older Chick
Blue-Footed Booby More Chicks More Boobies Booby Close-Up
Frigate Birds Inflatable Breast Flying Frigate Frigate at Sea
Pam Approaching Kicker Rock Kicker Rock Puerto Baquerizo Moreno Galapagos Post Office
Iguanas Galore! Sun Bathing Iguanas Colorful Marine Iguana Marine Iguana
Marine Iguana and Blue-Footed Booby Posing Iguana Used to be an Iguana Iguana be like you!
Island Marker Marked Trails Blowhole (not the people) Interpretation Center
Meeting the Nazca Boobies Nazca Booby More Nazca Boobies Nazca Boobies
Sea Lion Discussion Third Wheel Walking Sea Lion Sleeping Belly-to-Belly
The World is your Bedroom Sleeping on the Steps Hierarchy What a cute face!
Here we come! Visiting the Locals On the Beach with Friends Group Nap
Sea Turtle in Water Sea Turtle out of Water Sea Turtle Nest Happy Couple
Flamingo Lava Heron Darwin Finch Yellow Warbler
Couple at Bachas Bachas Babe Bachas Beach Las Bachas
Bartolome Hike Pinnacle Rock Bartolome Moonscape He-Man Pam with Lava Rock
Bartolome Double-Sided Beach Pinnacle Rock Pam with Twin Beaches Blue Finch Bar
Crabs! Sally Lightfoot Close-up Pam and Sally Lightfeet
Xpeditioners Making Edible Art Decorating the Cake Finished Product
Land Iguana Land Iguana Frontal Land Iguana Burrow Land Iguana Food
Curious Land Iguana Mating Land Iguanas Close-Up of Land Iguana Land Iguana Walking
Dove Marker Galapagos Dove American Oystercatcher Galapagos Mockingbird
'A'a Lava Pahoehoe Lava Lava Cactus Lava Lizard
Heading Back Xpedition Stern Lunch Repositioning
Shorty Wetsuits Snorkeling Pam Swims with Sea Turtle Green Sea Turtle
Pam Swims with Sea Lion Spinning Sea Lion Tropical Fish Starfish
Randy Swims with a Penguin! Penguin Swimming Galapagos Penguin White Tip Shark
James Bay Landing James Bay Wetsuits James Bay Friends James Bay Arch
Flightless Cormorant Nest Flightless Cormorant Darwin's Toilet Santiago Arch
Fur Seal Cove Galapagos Fur Seal Bird Landing on Lens Great Blue Heron
Santiago Coastline Pam on Arch Santiago Coast Brown Pelican
Naturalist on Trail Wading the Waters Beagle Grill Lunch Specials
Relaxing Lunch Lounging Lunch Hot Tubbing King Neptune and Queen
In Search Of Penguins Chasing Penguins Galapagos Penguins Galapagos Hawk
Breakfast at Santa Cruz Puerto Ayora Puerto Ayora CBD Nice Home
Pier Welcome Santa Cruz Pier Puerto Ayora Street Galapagos National Park Store
Galapagos Tortoise Tortoise in the Wild Grass Eater Tortoise Shell
Charles Darwin Research Station Tale of Two Tortoises Lonesome George Tortoise Portrait
Tough Tortoise Creepy Head Galapagos Tortoise Repopulating the Species
Brown Pelican Darwin's Restaurant Celebrity Xpedition Naturalists Galapagos Sunset

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