Antarctica, South Georgia, and the Falkland Islands

December 2010 - January 2011

Antarctica  Click on any photo to enlarge it

Le Boreal in the Weddell Sea Icebergs Mushroom Berg Ice in Weddell Sea
Paulet Island Paulet Adelie Colony Paulet Landscape Snow-covered Paulet Island
Adelie Penguins Adelie Up and Down Adelie penguins posing Typical Adelie
Social Adelie penguins Adelie Close-up Weddell Couple Surreal Antarctica
Spotting an Emperor Emperor with Adelies Juvenile Emperor penguin Leopard Seal
Tabular Iceberg 100 feet tall! Couple with Tabular Berg Optical Illusion
Half Moon Bay Half Moon Island Landing on Half Moon Chinstrap Trail
Chinstrap penguins on beach Chinstrap close-up Chinstrap Colony Chinstrap penguins nesting
Rocks for the Nest Egg Exchange Feeding the Chicks Chicks in Nest
Chinstraps on the Rocks Clean Chinstrap Penguin Caring Couple Happy Couple
Deception Island Welcoming Committee Where are the people? Neptune's Gap
Deception Caldera/Bay Antarctic Dip Get Us Outta Here! Porpoising Chinstrap penguins
Weddell Seal Orca "Killer" Whales Shackleton Menu Le Boreal Dining Room
Chilean Base, King George Island Antarctic Post Office Trinity Church Chinstrap penguin
Stunning Paradise Bay Icebergs in Paradise Changeable Paradise Cruising Paradise Bay
Our 7th Continent!! Base Brown Climbing Paradise Sliding Down
Calving Glacier Gentoo penguins Argentinian Researchers Antarctic Couple
Unusual Glacier Deep Blue Glacier Exploring Paradise Bay Celebrating Antarctica!

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South Georgia Island  Click on any photo to enlarge it

Approaching South Georgia South Georgia Island On Lookout for Penguins Huge Penguin Colony
Excitement before Landing Heading Toward the Colony Worth the Wait King Penguins
Salisbury Plain Thousands of Birds Where's Waldo? A Big Crowd
Drying Off Let's Talk Beautiful Plumage Fur Seal
Look!  More Penguins King Penguin Crowded Colony Moulting
Happy Tourists A King Walking Sunning Close-up of King
Le Boreal in Background Baby Fur Seal Follow the Leader A Penguin Conversation
Seals on the Beach Fur Seal Penguins Swimming Coming in from a Swim
Heading Back to the Ship Magnificent 'Le Boreal' Evening at South Georgia Sunset at South Georgia
Daybreak Grytviken Grytviken Cemetery Bob Burton
Toast to The Boss Shackleton's Grave King Edward Bay Grytviken Overview
Grytviken Reservoir Overview of Grytviken and Bay Whaling Relics Curious Seal
Grytviken Museum Toothfish Radio and Radar Replica of James Caird
Is that Santa? Waving at Santa Santa's New Sleigh Visit with Santa
Fur Seals Napping Seals Ross Glacier Strolling on Beach
More Strollers I'm Being Followed! Community Meeting Penguin Reflections
300,000 Penguins Youngsters in Creche The Sound of Music Magical Place
Randy & Camera A River Runs Through It Segregation? Oakum Boys
What a Scene It's Noisy Too! She Looks Like a Penguin Sentrys on Guard
Mating King Penguins Feeding a Chick Oakum Close-up Great Visit
Markings Seal Spa Retreating Glacier The Guanomatic
Stern Marina Snowy Sheathbill Gold Harbour A King Guard
Egg Adjustment Back Out for a Swim Seal Watching Seals Fighting
Gentoo Colony Gentoo Penguin Gentoo Markings Gentoo Close-Up
Elephant Seals Fighting Drygaski Fjord Glacial Melt Leaving Drygalski Fjord

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Falkland Islands  Click on any photo to enlarge it

New Island Landing on the Falklands Windswept New Island Breeding Cliff Colonies
Rockhopper Penguins Rockhopper Nests A Rockhopper Penguin Rockhopper Close-Up
Black-browed Albatross Albatross Nest Black-browed Chick Black-browed Close-Up

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