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Rio de Janeiro 2006
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Ipanema Shopping Ipanema Beach Girl from Ipanema Looking for a Good Spot
Ipanema Couple Blowfish Empowered Beach Football Enjoy the Brazilian Beach
Heading to Corcovado Easy Access First View (the underarm?) Christ the Redeemer
Pam and Jesus View from Corcovado Hand Detail Facial Detail
Platform View The Reedemer Marker Front View Rear View
Copacabana Beach We Changed Our Latitude Soaking Some Rays Girl From Copacabana
Beach Babe Sandwich Salesman The Good Life Havaianas
Room With a View Corner Suite Copacabana View Shower with a View?
Jeep Tour of Tijuca Tijuca Waterfall Tijuca Map Somewhere in Rio
Carioca Arches Coconuts Tropical Drinks Chinese Vista
Sand Castle Sand Beauties Major Sand Castle Escadaria Selaron
Porcao Restaurant Serving Pam Serving Randy No More For Pam!
Sugarloaf Cableway Second Stage to Sugarloaf Atop Sugarloaf Copacabana View From Sugarloaf
Great View of Rio Looking Toward Corcovado Botafogo Bay Sugarloaf From Botafogo
Favela Rocinha Rocinha Street Favela Walkway Rio Scenarium
Inside Rio Scenarium Scenarium Stage Metropolitan Cathedral Interior of Metropolitan Cathedral
Breakfast on the Terrace Poolside View Le Meridien Pool Le Meridien Breakfast
Copacabana Palace Hotel Heading to Dinner at the Palace Poolside at the Palace Dinner at Cipriani
Plataforma Samba Show Capoeira Swinging Talent Samba Show

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Iguazu Falls 2006
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Iguazu Falls Looking into Argentina Postcard Beauty Butterfly
Garganta del Diablo Not the Maid of the Mist Going Upstream Overlook to Argentina
Brazilian Observation Point Stunning Setting Catwalk Falls Elevator
Pam and the Falls Power of the Falls Iguazu River Spectacular Natural Falls
Overlook View Above the Falls Brazil National Park First View of the Falls
Tropical Das Cataratas Art Deco Tropical Hotel Overview of Hotel/Falls Tropical Buffet
Argentina National Park Train to Devil's Throat Boarding the Train Devil's Throat
Macuco Jeep Ride Macuco Dock Aboard the Boat Going Under the Falls
I just went under! Drenched by the Falls Pretty Well Soaked! Tropical Gift Shop

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