Zimbabwe 2007

Welcome to Zimbabwe Passport Control Border Station Big Baobob Tree
Main Hotel Gate Vic Falls Hotel Courtyard Stanley's Bar
Terrace Bridge View Way to the Falls Beware...
Warthog Cape Buffalo Baboons Thief
Mischief Makers Edwardian Comforts Terrace View Ostrich Eggs
Pool Facilities A Nice Dip Luxury in Zimbabwe Relaxing and Sunbathing
Main Falls Entrance David Livingstone Statue Centenary Plaque Makeshift Swing
Misty Cataract Magnificent Falls Main Falls Overlook View
Gorge View On the Edge Noisy Spot Swimming in the Falls
River Rafting Waterfall Wildlife Bushbuck Flight of the Angels
Aerial of Full Falls Aerial of Gorge & Bridge Aerial of Main Falls Aerial of Vic Falls Hotel
Boma - Place of Eating Authentic Meats Mopani Worms Downing a Worm
Boma Performers Young Rhythm Tourist Drummers Singing
Shopping in Zimbabwe Many Drums Giraffes Elephants
Bowls for Sale Painted Tray Vic Falls Aquarium Wimpy
School Visit Classroom Wings Performing Students Gracious Teacher
Classroom Blackboard Thankful Students Dancers Happy Students
Lion Orientation Meet the Lions The Lions Meet You! Walking With The Lions
Walk Behind, Carry a Gun Cautious Petting Randy Keeps Up Playful Cub
Catch a Lion by the Tail Randy Gets Some Tail A Sleeping Cub Too Cute!
OUCH!! Portrait with a Lion Soft and Smell-Free Happy Family
I want to Play! Get Outta My Face! Elephant Safari Pam Poses with Elephant
Impala Kudu Warthog Cowboy Breakfast

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