Puerto Rico 2007

San Juan from the air Painted Buildings City Hall Calle Fortaleza
View from our balcony Isla Verde Beach Bloody Mary Isla Verde Beach Resort
Swim-up Bar Isla Verde Beach Resort Pool Hangin' in the Hammock Bloody Happy!
Plaza Colon San Juan Ambience Governor's Mansion View from El Morro
El Convento San Juan Cathedral San Juan Street Wooden Doors & Windows
Old San Juan Gate San Juan Plan Pigeon Park Playing with the Pigeons
San Jose Church Artist at Work Carnival Costume Papier Mache Masks
Birthplace of the Pina Colada Narrowest House in San Juan It's this narrow! Outdoor Cafe
Capitol Building School of Tropical Medicine Handicraft Shop Calle Cristo
Pigeon Gate Calle Luna The Parrot Club Dining at The Parrot Club
El Morro Castillo de San Felipe del Morro Rocky Outcrop Imposing Walls
Ramp View Oldest Part of El Morro Typical Cannon Lighthouse
El Morro Courtyard El Morro Sentry Box La Perla Seaside Cemetery
Fort San Cristobal Another View of San Cristobal San Juan Wall Two Forts
View Toward El Morro San Cristobal Sentry Box The Devil's Sentry Box Cruise Ships
Bunkhouse Water Well Dungeon Drawings National Historic Site
Enter the Ritz Ritz Carlton Pool Iguana at the Ritz Ritz Carlton Grounds
Kayaking Puerto Rico Kayaking the Bio-Bay Glowing Bio-Bay Successful Kayak Adventure
Arecibo Observatory Arecibo Observatory Visitors Center First Look at the Radiotelescope Gregorian Dome
Visitor Center Exhibits Stunning Site Worlds Largest Reflector Platform Close-Up
Rio Camuy Cave Park Camuy Cave Tram Entering the Caves Interior of Camuy Cave
Stalactites Sinkhole Randy at bottom of sinkhole Silhouette at Cave Entrance
Club Gallistico - Cockfights! Cockfight Arena The Battle Begins The Battle Ends
Pam at the Bouts Preparing the Contestants Agitating the Contestants Betting on the Bouts
Beer in between Bouts State of the Art Monitors Feather Dusting Chicken is Served!
Dragonfly Restaurant Dining at Dragonfly Metropol Restaurant Dining at Metropol
El Conquistador Resort Blossoms Restaurant El Conquistador Common Area Finding a Half-Dollar

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