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J.W. Marriott Grand Hotel Bucharest

View from the J.W. Marriott People's Palace Houses of Parliament
Romanian Construction Boulevard of Fountains Fountains of Ceausescu Huge Palace
Revolution Square Monument of Rebirth Casualties of the Revolution Abstract Sculpture
Maniu Statue Kretzulescu Church Royal Palace Romanian Athaenium
Central University Library Arcul de Triumf At the Arc Not so modern
National Village Museum Rural Fence Subterranean Home Artful Home
Pescarus Restaurant Romanian Folk Dance Ursus Beer Dacia Automobile
Constanta Casino Black Sea Casino Constanta Aquarium Constanta Boardwalk
Constanta Lighthouse Church and Roman Ruins History and Archeology Museum Beautiful Museum
Protector of the City Roman Mosaic Museum Mosaic Floor Roman Mosaics
Mamaia Resort In the Black Sea Oltenita River Explorer
Stray Dogs Riverboat Boarding Our Cabin Compass Rose Restaurant
Blue Danube Commercial Waterway Fall Foliage Heading for the Locks
Entering the Lock Parking the ship Here's how high! Going up
Between the Locks Fishing on the Danube Iron Gates Dam Sharing the Lock
Double Lock Almost out Tito Remembered Iron Gates Church

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