Kingdom of Bahrain 2009

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Pearl Monument World Trade Center Manama Gate Manama Street
Al Fadel Mosque Yateem Mosque Bab Al Bahrain Souk Shopping
Tobacco Shop Fashion Souk Arabian Barbie? Local Hygiene
Al Fateh Grand Mosque Al Fateh Minarets Al Fateh Interior Courtyard Al Fateh Main Musalla
Al Jasra House Wooden Door Al Jasra Courtyard Al Jasra Bedroom
Al Jasra Handicraft Centre Bahraini Doll Goat Nails! Life-Size Dolls
Bahrain National Museum Art Gallery Dhow Diorama Old Buick
Dilmun Burial Mound Burial Chamber Mezzaluna Restaurant Dining at Mezzaluna
Royal Camel Farm Dromedary Camel Closed Nostrils Shade for Camels
Two humps? No Sweat Ship of the Desert Safe Distance
Sheikh Isa House Classic Architecture Wind Tower Stained Glass, Carved Gypsum
Oil Museum Oil Well #1 Oil Field Pipes Oil Field
Tree of Life Causeway Toll Booth King Fahd Causeway Tower Restaurant
Bahrain - Saudi Arabia Border Saudi Arabia Tower Restaurant Shawarma Xpress Monsoon Restaurant
Golestan Iranian Restaurant Oven-Baked Bread Kebab Delight Birthday at Golestan

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